Google Cloud - My First App

Google Cloud - My First App

Hi All,

Before I begin writing about google cloud I want to introduce myself and tell you why I decided to write about google cloud.

My name is Rafael dos Santos, I'm a developer (that works as Cloud Architect) and I live in Brazil. My main skills are and Microsoft Azure, for a long time I have been thinking writing a blog in english apart from what I already write in Portuguese, so instead of just write the same posts in both languages I will take the opportunity to learn new things and share in english and since I love cloud applications I will be sharing my findings on google cloud here.

My First App Engine Deploy

I started with one simple goal: Create a simple Hello World app on App Engine. It seems like the rigth place for me to start since I do a lot of App Services on Azure and they are similar.

I didn't read any tutorials or samples, I literally just follow the screens and the tutorial and I will be sharing here. It was super easy and I found the experience very good and developer friendly.

1 - Creating My App

App Engine Dashboard

Since I had no previous apps it loads with the tutorial and link for the official docs. I will follow the tutorial and share the steps here.

2 - Pick a region

Google Cloud Regions

There are a good number of regions to choose, I decided to go with Brazil South, but if you are starting like me and not sure how to choose I recomend you performing a latency test among all the regions, I found a cool website for that:, you can look the result from my house bellow:

GCP ping test

3 - My first .net app - Getting started
After choosing a region you will see a tutorial on the language of your choice, mine is .net, and a series of commands that you can run in the terminal. I liked a lot that we can run the commands direct in the browser without having to install anything locally

Getting started
Clone the repository
Looking into the repo files

Another cool feature is that you can run and debug you app directly from the browser terminal, for that you can start you app on port 8080 (but you can use another if required) and use the web preview to issue requests.

Debugging my app

4 - Publishing my app
Finally let's publish our app, the process it's very simple. First we create the published version of the app and then we publish it on google cloud.

Publishing my app
App Published

That's ALL!

Hope you enjoyed and on next days I will be sharing my impressions and how to configure the foundations of any cloud app like scalability, jobs, custom domains and etc.

Fell free to let your comments or suggest anything we are all here to learn together.